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Pankaj Karan, ( Dr. PK ), M.D.

Internal Medicine

My clinical and administrative experience of almost 26 years in practicing medicine has helped me to provide a meaningful and satisfying professional experience. I have always felt that I was born to serve people. It makes me happy. I will listen and understand your issues and come with solutions. If I am not able to then I will help you to consult a specialty provider ASAP.

I will come to your home and discuss all medical and social issues. I will help you to lead a better health. As you know, we are only working in rural parts of America where there is a lack of access to quality medical care. We want to fill that GAP. We are on a mission to cover all small towns in America, one step at a time. You will appreciate our professional and personal approach to medical care. We are compassionate about people in rural America. We believe that the heart and souls of America live in small towns like yours. Let's make Rural America a Healthier place.

Credentials :

* Specialty:
- Internal Medicine

* Degrees Held:
-MD,  Loma Linda University Medical Center
-MBBS,  Rajendra Medical College ( RIMS)

*Years Practicing:


*American Medical Associations(1996)
*American Board Of Internal Medicine ( ABIM)(1996)
*American College Of Physicians(1996)


Pankaj  Karan, ( Dr. PK ), M.D.
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