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Doctor's Visit

Who We Are.

We are medical providers for rural towns of America where healthcare access and quality has suffered for many years. We intend to change that. We care about rural populations. We are passionate about rural folks. We live in rural towns and we understand people in rural towns. They deserve better access to health care and deserve better quality of healthcare in a timely fashion. We achieve that goal by creating a “Home-Based Primary Care Model” Combined with Telemedicine, Chronic Care management and Remote Patient Monitoring (Connected care) .

We do not have a brick-and-mortar office, but we are available 24x7x365 for our patients via Phone/Video or In Person Consult.


Our Team

Sylvia Diaz

Sylvia Diaz


Pankaj  Karan, ( Dr. PK ), M.D.

Pankaj Karan, ( Dr. PK ), M.D.

Internal Medicine

My clinical and administrative experience of almost 26 years in practicing medicine has helped me to provide a meaningful and satisfying professional experience.

Our Team


Our mission is to bring high-quality health care and accessibility to rural America with the “Home Based Primary Care Model” approach combined with “Telemedicine” (telephone/video) and “Remote Patient Monitoring”, one town at a time.

We will bring “connected care” to rural patients and help them live healthy and productive lives.

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